Update 2020; latest info (not confirmed) is that Sweetheart has been lost/sunk.

The known history of Sweetheart, the first dedicated steam trawler to be built for Hewett & Co Ltd. Please note that latest info (2019) from a source in Norway is that she has been lost.

1885Hewett & CoLondon and Barking, EnglandSweetheart, LO385Built by J.A.Stewart & Co, Barking. Iron, 99.4ft (30.3m) x 20.2ft (6.16m) x 9.5ft (2.9m), 131GT, 72NT, 24HP
1905C.T Panner (J.Tidman)London, England  
1907A.W.LongGlasgow, Scotland  
1908H.HansenIsafjordur, Iceland  
1911Tonnes WathneStavangar, NorwayGardar MGQD136GRT  50NT
1922J.Wathne,(and Tonnes Wathne, Stavangar, Norway)Seydisfjordur, Iceland  
1926Tonnes WathneStavangar, NorwayGardar LFPK140GRT, 50NT
1928Torstein NygaardStavangar, Norway  
1929Torstein Nygaard (and Andr.Halstensen, Bekkjarvik, Bergen)Stavangar, Norway  
1934  Gardar LDYI 
1948K.Halstensen A/S (and Andr. Halstensen, Bekkjarvik)Bekkjarvik, Bergen, Norway Steam engine replaced by diesel (A/S Frederikshavns Jernstoberi & Maskinfabrik (Alpha) 2S 4cyl, 245BHP, 8.5 kts). 146GRT, 61NT.
1950   Lengthened to 116.7ft (35.6m). 177GRT 79NT 235TDW
1966   Lengthened to 126.8ft (38.6m). 240 GRT 85NT
1970   Replacement engine (Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz A.G 4S, 8cyl diesel,620BHP, (made 1964), 10.5kts)
1973Kristoffer Aase (co-owner)Bekkjarvik, Bergen, NorwayHordatral LDYI 
1985Matthias ZeugFed Rep of Germany To be shortened to original length and converted to pleasure sailing vessel
2001Kees van der BoosFlensburgStortebeker40.40m (132.5ft)x 6.12m (20.1ft) x 2.95m (9.7ft). 3 mast barquentine, sail area 560 sq m
2011Halstensen familyBekkjarvik, Bergen, NorwayGardarTo be restored as a museum fishing vessel and understood to be renamed Gardar
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