Cine film

This old cine film was shot on 8mm in the early 1960’s and shows London Town, Royalist, Robert Hewett, Ella Hewett and Samuel Hewett.

The launchings of Royalist and Ella Hewett can be seen. Not only is the Royalist launch shown, but also her being towed down the river to Hull to be completed and then she is seen undertaking sea trials (note the H flag flying which indicates that she has a pilot on board).

Also included is a short bit taken on Fleetwood lifeboat when it went out to see the trawlers anchored off Wyre Light waiting for high tide to enter Fleetwood harbour. Later in the film you can see Ella Hewett anchored thus at the end of her maiden voyage.

The return to Fleetwood from the maiden trips of Robert Hewett and Ella Hewett (both dressed overall for the occasion) is shown. This was the first time they entered the harbour at Fleetwood as they set out on their maiden trips from Hull following sea trials in the Humber. Peter Hewett can be seen waving from the bridge wing of Robert Hewett as she passes through the lock gates.

The Ella Hewett was preceded in by the Samuel Hewett.

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