List of Vessels

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Legend;  WS = well smack, DS = dry smack, CU = cutter (sailing carrier), SC = steam carrier, ST = steam trawler, DT = diesel trawler

Vessel NameReg NoTypeBuiltBoughtSoldComments
The Brothers?WS?1764?
Fleming?WSCowes 180118011835Blt new. ScH sold to SHs 1824, SHs to Rd Harvey, mtge held til 1839
Liberty’s Increase?WSGravesendpre18041840ScH sold to SHs 1804
Caledonia?WS18051805Owned 1805
Matchless?WSStrood 181818181832Blt new. ScH sold for 640. Lost on Shipwash Sand 1833, crew saved
Nancy?WSStrood 182618261837Blt new. Sold to Wm Shanks for ?700; mort of ?460 pd off 1840
Clyde?WSGravesend 18271827post 1862Blt new. Lost 100 first trip, 14 weeks.Refitted 41 for haddocking
Hewett?WSHastings 182918291836Blt new. Paid 9 15s per ton. Sold to Sarkey Fisher & Co
North Star?WSHastings 182918291836Blt new. Paid 9 15s per ton. Sold to John Bishop of Greenwich ?305
Prosperous?WS?18301836Pd C Spashett 650. Shared with & sd to John Earl. Fsg SBF 52
Fifeshire?WS?pre1830post 1864Privateer? Sold a half share to H. Earle 1830
Vessel NameReg NoTypeBuiltBoughtSoldComments
Ebenezer?WS?18321835Bght for Wm Hale,140; run down by Swift of Dundee 1836
Friends Goodwill???18331836Bt half ea SHs & J Spashett 120; sold to JS
Salacia?WS?1833post1862Bt for H Marchant to replace Matchless.SHs bt outright 1850
Majestic?WSGravesend 18191834post 1862Paid 525, trawl 86, with sundries total 750 “very dear”
Gazelle?WSGravesend 183518351861Blt new. Sister to Miranda, cost the same
MirandaLO88WSGravesend 25/7/351835post 1861Blt new. Cost 950 rigged as trawler. F Hewett 1876-80
Ann HewettLO77WSGravesend 12/11/361836post1861Blt new. Cost 1200
Royal Tar?WSGravesend 183618361861Blt new. One time owner John Earle (SHs lent him 560).Appears in Hewett Bros a/cs 1863
Saucy Jack LO215WSGravesend 183618361849Blt new. 54’BP, 60’OA,16’B,51T. Last well smack to leave Barking, 1880. May have been bt back
Star?WSGravesend 183618361845Blt new. Sold to Westbrook
Vessel NameReg NoTypeBuiltBoughtSoldComments
AudaciousLO76WSGravesend 183718371862Blt new.Paid 11/ton, measured at 61,19/94 tons. Fished Orkney until 1845
Aid??Frindsbury18381840Paid 370, cost 700 fully fitted. Sd to Wm Hales 550 (mortgaged)
Jack Tar??Gravesend 18381838post1867Blt new. 1838 Alec MacMaster sk, 43Wm White, 45John Hill:sd .5 to Chas Hill 49,all toQuash 62 or 3
Pilot?WSGravesend 18381838post1861Blt new. Geo Earle skipper 1838, 45 Wm Earle, 47 Ed Sutton
Ann and Francis?WSBlackwall1840post1849Paid 285 at auction. Hove down and damaged at the Pits Dec 45
Briton?WSGravesend 183518401863Paid C Spashett 660. Lost with all hands.
John and Eliza???pre18401840Bt by SHs for Wm Hales.Thos H held mge.Sunk by steamer “Victoria” of Hull,recd 300 comp
John and Emma??Ipswich c18351841?Paid 425, 400 mortgage to Shanks. A bad but cheap fast vessel
Henry??Barking 18391842post1848none
Vessel NameReg NoTypeBuiltBoughtSoldComments
Elizabeth?WSGravesend1843post1863Paid 302 at auction. Cutter of same name
Saucy Lass?CUIpswich 19/10/431843post1849Blt new, first carrier. Built by Read & Page, 1843 Alec MacMasters skipper, 1845 Geo Earle
Alert???1844post1864Taken in lieu of a debt
Burnal??Gravesend18441862Built for Stanley of Barking, Skip James Frogley 44. Broken up 1862
Don Giovanni???1844?Bought by Shanks, SHs held mortgage for ?500
Edward?WSGravesend 18371844post1862Taken for a debt of 600. Sold a half share in 1848
Choice?WS?1845post1862Paid B Long 370, Skip Joseph Newman May 1845
ClipperLO76CUIpswich 18451845post1863Blt new. Cost 975 inc rig
Flying Fish?CUIpswich 184518451862Blt new. Cost 975 inc rig
Racer?CUIpswich 18461846post1862Blt new. First trip was to Lisbon for fruit, 1847 to Malaga
Eclipse?CUIpswich 18471847post1862Originally built as a pleasure boat, bought cheap but not expected to last long
Express?CUIpswich Oct 184718471861Blt new. Built by Reads. Cost at sailing 1271/13/10.25
Ranger?CUWivenhoe 11/11/18471847post1863Blt new 74’3″, 52T by Thos Harvey. Mast was 57′, 38’2″ deck to cap.Cost 1299/5/2.25 inc food etc
Emerald?WS?pre18471860Lost with allhands 8 Feb 1860
Teaser?CU?pre18471849Lost on Gunfleet Wed Dec 5th 1849
Britannia???pre1849post1849Shared with John Westbrooke
LedaLO74CULowestoft 1837pre1849post1863none
Pacific?WSCowes 18091851post1862Bought at auction, paid 125
Unity?WSGravesend 18241851post1862Paid 250 at auction
Queen of TrumpsLO68CUBarking 1848pre1851post 1860May be same as Trumps above
WalterLO14?Gravesend 1838pre1851pre187642T
FameLO67CUBarking 1851pre1852post1863none
Hebe???pre1852post1862From Joseph Reed
Magnet?WS?pre1852post1864Possibility of two of same name, changeover c1860
TartarLO82CUWivenhoe 18481852-1863+Appears in Hewett Bros accounts 1863. F Hewett1876-80
Champion???1853-1863Lost with all hands
Diamond???1853-1858Andrew Quash half share & Master. Went to Grimsby
Royal George???1853-?Mortgage held by SHs 1861
SpitfireLO67CUWivenhoe 18481853-76-
Witch of the wave?CUBarking1853-1862
Transit?CUBarking 18531853?188457T. Sank with all hands after collision with Lily May 3/1/1884
Ellen???1854-64+Mortgage held by SHs in 1861. Bt by Hewett Bros from SHs for 300
Lady Louisa???1855-56+May be same boat as Lady above
Rover???1856-1860Shared with Robert Mullett. Sold to change to “Fox” 1860
WaveLO65?Barking 18361856-1860none
DukeLO258??1857-93+May be two of same name
Duke of Sutherland???1857-57+May be same as Duke above
Friends?WS?1857-?Shanks. Mortgage held by SHs 57-62+
OceanLO79WS?1857-1862+Shanks. Mortgage held by SHs 57-62+
Sisters?WS?1857-?Shanks. Mortgage held by SHs 57-62+
Splendid???1857-58+Shared with Thos Evans. Selling fish at Grimsby and Harwich also
Renown???1858-1862Appears in Hewett Bros accounts 1863
Surprise???1858-58+Shared with Henry Earle
Isabel???1859-1862Broken up
Safety???1859-62+Based at Gorleston in 1859
Columbine?CU?186061+As Pet
DonYH206CUBarking 1860186093+56T./ 71T Originally as “Pet.” Skip Alec MacMasters 1861. Lengthened 1889
Fox???186060+Shared with Robert Mullett
Mercer?CU?186063+As Pet
PetLO66CUBarking 1859186093+Owned one third ea SHs, SHj &RH in 1861.Lengthened 1878 from 67.8ft to 80ft Fsg No as at 1893
VixenLO119CU?186093+As Pet
Heron/aTugMay 1861, Barking1861Blt new. 96.8’x17.5’x10.7′, 44T,104GT,60HP,wooden paddle tug O/N 29799, callsignQHDN
Alf & Mary???1861-?Mortgage held by SHj 1861
Atlasn/aSCH?1861-63+A schooner collier
Bonnie Lass?CU?1858-66+none
Grimsby Queen???1861-?none
Hero?WS?1861-64+Smack, mortgage held by SHs in 1861. Shared with Davis 1864
Hussey Packe???1861-64+none
Iris???1861-?Lost Silver Pits
Magnet???1861-?Possibility of two of same name, changeover c1860
Splendid???1861-?Mortgage held by SHj in 1861. Maybe same boat as above
Trumps(Queen of?)???1861-62+none
Turk???1861-?Mortgage held by SHs in 1861
Unicorn???1861-?Unknown vessel owned in 1861, reg’d in Robert’s name “because he is a waterman”Tug?
RivalLO84DSBarking 186218621894Valued at 1200 4/8/62. Lengthened 1889. Foundered after collision
Elizabeth?CU?1862-1862Smack of same name
Planet?186364+Bt by Hewett Bros from SHs March 1863 for 150. Probably a smack
VultureLO64DSKeil 1856186364+none
Wm & George???1863?none
BrunetteLO97DSBarking 186518651893Blt new. 59T, composite. Badly strained Clay Deeps 6/12/93 and condemned
Lord Alfred PagetLO43SCStockton-on-Tees 1865186503+Blt new by M. Pearce. First commercial steam trawler. Iron 120x21x10.6
WellesleyLO44SCStockton-on-Tees 186518651893Blt new. Iron 120x21x10.6. Sank 1893
Frost?SCStockton-on-Tees 1866186693-none
HallettLO42SCStockton-on-Tees 1866186693+Blt new. Iron 130x21x10.6. (RH says sank at Warkworth Pier 1891, but entered in Olsens in 1893)
Wm & Mary??Barking 186618661884Blt new. J Thos Quash ? share and master. Possibly last smack to leave Barking
Maria Isabella???1871-1871Lost collision with barque Rock City, Dogger Bank, 22 Sept 71
BelindaYH 866DS?1873+1877-54T. Reg No re-assigned 1877
Major?SCDartmouth 18741874Blt new. Wood. First vessel ever to be fitted with refrigeration.
Hewett?SCStockton-on-Tees 1876187603+Blt new. Same as Hallett and Frost, later converted to trawler
JupiterYH 568DS18731876-93-76T.
EnsignLO329DSSouthtown 187718771882Sold to MDSF – First Mission ship. Owned by Fleming Hewett in 1878 as YH 701
PetrelLO283SCBarking 1878187898+New building
WidgeonLO289SCBarking 1878187898+Blt new.
Golden FleeceYH129DSYarmouth 18661878+86-1894Lost
Queen of EnglandYH136DS18611878+86-1894+58T. Once cutter rigged
RetrieverYH 346DS1879187994+73T Sk Norgate c1880
ProgressLO313SCPort Glasgow188098+130x21x10.6, 65HP by Murdoch and Murray
M.A.B.YH 764DSCobholm 18781880-1880+86-40T
Petrel (?)??c18801880+?Iron smack
SupplyLO298SC?1881-98+120×20; later lengthened by 30′ and converted to collier
CelerityLO348SCMiddlesborough 1879188498+As Despatch
DespatchLO347SCMiddlesborough 1879188493+129.5 x 21 x 10.5, 193GT, 50HP
PrecursorLO372SCMiddlesborough 1879188493+As Despatch
VelocityLO373SCMiddlesborough 1879188498+As Despatch. Bristol reg’d 1906
BridesmaidLO390STBarking 1885188503+Blt new. Brazilian owned in 1908
SweetheartLO385STBarking 188518851905Blt new as first ST. Iron,99.4×20.2×9.5,131GT,72NT,24HP. “Hordatral” Germany 1992 Stoertebecker 2008
LadyloveLO403STBarking 1886188603+Blt new. Spanish owned in 1908
AnnieYH632DSGorlestone 18751886-94+70T
Boy BillYH 650DS18761886-93-45T
Boy ErnestYH1019DS18791886-1890+93-66T
ChatterboxYH702DS18771886-94+62T. Sold abroad 1901
CurlewYH 571DSYarmouth 18731886-90+Lost in collision March 1892.
DaylightYH734DSGorleston 18781886-1894+80.3 x 18.5 x 7.4, 43T, by HA Morris. “Svend Aage”, Denmark 1950
Ethel ClaraYH477DS18711886-1894+61T
HaroldYH533DSSouthtown 18721886-1894+65T
Joseph & WilliamYH69DS18651886-93+42T
PlowmanYH38DSYarmouth 18651886-1894+64T
RefugeYH577DSYarmouth 18651886-94+64T.
SnipeYH645DS18751886-189338T. Foundered 23 Dec 1893
StarYH546DSSouthtown 18721886-94+58T. Hulked 1895
StriveYH638DSSouthtown 18751886-94+65T
BoarhoundYH994DS18851886+1890-93+68T. ex Leleu
AngelaYH969DS18841886+90-93-61T Bt from Burdett Coutts. Owned 1890. Sold to JR Bass before 1893
BritanniaYH981DSSouthtown 18851886+90-93+67T. ex GtY St C Co. Broken up 1899
ChallengerYH552DSYarmouth 18721886+90-94+67T. Sold to Fowey, then to Newfoundland c1900. Later lost.
CherubYH 933DS18691886+90-93-51T.
EmpressYH 937DS18841886+90-93-63T
FlashYH649DSSouthtown 18761886+90-94+58T
ForwardYH599DSYarmouth 18701886+90-93+67T
IrexYH1045DSWivenhoe 18851886+90-93+67T. ex GtY St C Co
JessicaYH308DS18681886+90-93+43T. Suspect was lengthened.
MagnetYH605DSYarmouth 18751886+90-98+81T. Sold to Norway 1901
MyrtleYH 756DSCobholm 18781886+90-94+76T
PioneerYH 582DS18741886+90-93-81T.
RubyYH 657DSSouthtown 18761886+90-189171T. Lost in collision Nov 1891
Sailor BoyYH993DSSouthtown 18851886+90-93+ex GtY St C Co. Broken up 1896
SapphireYH1005DSMiddlesborough 18851886+90-189177T. Lost in collision Dec 91
SeraphYH 934DS18691886+90-93-61T.
Sir John AstleyYH 982DS18801886+90-93-79T. Later renamed La Mascotte
SultanYH 971DS18851886+90-93-77T. ex GtY St C Co
SurfYH637DSYarmouth 18751886+90-94+70T
SybilYH970DSSouthtown 18851886+90-93+53T. ex Burdett-Coutts. Sold to Grimsby 1901
TaraYH1046DS18851886+90-1893+68T ex GtY St C Co
TurquoiseYH 1006DS18851886+90-93-77T ex Burdett-Coutts
Two SistersYH 545DSYarmouth 18721886+90-189546T. Broken up 1895. See boat of same name above.(??)
William HenryYH 770DS18601886+90-93-69T
RocketYH565DSYarmouth 18731886+93-94+62T
EthelwolfYH300DSYarmouth 18661886-78+94+63T
SylphYH385DSYarmouth 18661886-78+93+53T Lost Dec 1894
AlertYH17DSBideford 1877188798+00-Sold c1887 to JR Bass;bought back c1890, sold c 1898 to J.Bass
Sir Francis BurdettYH906DSSouthtown 1884189093+Ex Leleu, ex Columbia flagship
Agnes & IdaYH636DS18751890-94+70T
Blue JacketYH1027DS18851890-189467T. ex GtY St C Co. Foundered 55?15’N,05?25’E, Feb 1894 gale,6 lost
CandidateYH1049DS18861890-93+69T. ex W. Burdett-Coutts
Civil LordYH1041DS18851890-93+69T. ex Burdett-Coutts Still afloat as “Sunderland” 2015
EndeavourLO361SCMiddlesborough 18841890-98+123.5 x 21 x 11.6, 203GT, 108NT, 55HP, by R. Dixon & Co
EnergySCMiddlesborough 18841890-93+As Endeavour. Dublin reg’d 1899
Forget me NotYH203DS18761890-1894+71T
FrobisherYH1029DS18851890-97+77T. ex Leleu
Good IntentYH209DS18791890-1894+75T
Industry SCMiddlesborough 18841890-93+As Endeavour
Johnny TooleYH1057DS18861890-99+64T ex Grimsby
LahlooYH983DS18741890-1897+59T. ex Burdett-Coutts. Sold to Ireland 1901
LenaYH567DSDover 18731890-189445/62T. Lost, collision with “Ferret”, Clay Deeps, Feb94 gale
Lily of the ValleyYH199DS18771890-1899+89T
PerseveranceLO362SCMiddlesborough 18841890-93+As Endeavour
Spero ExpectoYH19DS18651890-1894+65T
ProceedYH958DSYarmouth 18841890/9193+63T.
Royal AlfredYH 935DSRye 18711890/91Used as a hulk after being dismasted and damaged 1890
Alice & AdaYH233DSGrimsby 18731890+93-94+O/N 67713 73T Ex GY 425. Probably bt 1890
AmyYH600DSYarmouth 18741890+93-94+44T
ChallengerYH948DS18761890+93-189369T. Reg No re-assigned to “Ocean” 1894
ChoiceYH913DSYarmouth 18841890+93-94+68T
DavidYH590DSDartmouth 18741890+93-94+64T. Broken up 1898
DuchessYH667DSDartmouth 18761890+93-189476T. Lost 1894
GSKYH817DSDartmouth 18801890+93-94+88T
GuideYH633DSGrimsby 18751890+93-94+55T
ProblemYH790DSYarmouth 18791890+93-93+56T
PromptYH763DSYarmouth 18781890+93-94+58T
RescueYH1068DSRye 18861890+93-94+69T
S & AYH1020DSDartmouth 18851890+93-1894+71T
ThriftYH749DSYarmouth 18781890+93-94+55T
EuphratesYH307STDundee 1886189103+Ex Hull vessel 102GT 35?NT 35HP
EvelynYH 390DS1878189397+74T. ex J. Holmes H 1194
FloraYH 396DS1885189397+ex J.Holmes as H 1463
IrisYH 556DS1887189398+90-ex J. Holmes as H 13
MississippiDSDarmouth18861893189473T. Foundered Feb 1894 gale
AdaLO93DSBarking 18681893-189467T. Lost Feb 1894 after collision
British EmpireYH237DS18771893-94+77T
Charles & AdaLO270DS1893-93+none
EmperorYH1059DSMiddlesborough 18841893-189380T. Lost in collision 17/8/93
ExpressYH239DSGrimsby 18711893-97+O/N 65805 68T ex GY 310 Probably bt April 1890
Fair FannyYH1DS18861893-98+75T
FernLO264DSDartmouth 18771893-93+71T. 3 men lost trunking 1/3/86
FlirtYH296DSBarking? 18651893-94+79T
GarnetYH991DS18851893-94+73T. ex Burdett-Coutts
Iron DukeLO275DS18771893-189380T, iron, lost after collision with Annie
Jane & MariaYH335DS18771893-94+71T “James & Maria”??
LincolnshireYH337DSGrimsby 18731893-94+O/N 67714 77T ex GY 426. Probably bt May 1892
Loch FyneYH235DS18781893-94+78T
MajesticLO320DSDartmouth 18821893-189460T. Foundered E of Clay Deeps Feb !894 gale
MinxYH257DSDartmouth 18731893-93+none
SincerityYH328DS18791893-97+58T./ 79T (?) Dismasted 1884.
SunbeamYH234DSGrimsby 18791893-94+97-75T Ex GY 743.
SurpriseYH1067DSYarmouth 18861893-94+72T. Later LL 131
Two SistersYH545DS18721893-98+62T
WildfireYH330DSDartmouth 18781893-189473T. Lost with 6 men, Feb 1894 gale
WilliamYH334DSGrimsby (?) 18871893-94+77T
CoquetteYH 359DS18781893/494+77T
John and ThomasYH 207DS18891893/4189571T
OceanYH 948DS18761893/494+69T.
OliveYH 956DSRye 18841893/4189564T. Abandoned.
WalterYH 747DS18781893/494+55T
AmphriteYH 563DS18791893?98+80T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 1893
CalliopeYH 557DS18821893?98+75T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 1893
EunomiaYH 405DS18831893?98+70T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 93
FortunaYH 403DS18821893?98+76T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 93
HebeYH 394DS18771893?97+80T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 1893
John HolmesYH 392DS18771893?97+80T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 93
JunoYH 393DS18741893?97+75T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 93
MarsYH 559DS18721893?97+72T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 1893
MassilaYH 389DS18881893?97+77T. ex J Holmes. Maybe bt Nov 93
NeptuneYH 401DS18741893?98+76T ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 93
PolyhymniaYH 554DS18811893?98+73T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 1893
PomonaYH 561DS18811893?98+0176T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 1893. Sold to Holland 1901
ProserpineYH 397DS18841893?189579T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 93. Lost Dec 95
St AndrewYH 398DS18831893?97+80T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 93
ThaliaYH 404DS18841893?98+80T. ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 93.
UranusYH 408DS18741893?97+75T ex J Holmes. Probably bt Nov 1893
VenusYH 555DS18741893?98+77T. ex J HOLMES. Probably bt Nov 1893
Henry & LydiaYH 352DSGrimsby 18781893+97-97+O/N 79556 88T ex GY 726, to Yarmouth Dec 92
ProtectorYH 837DS18811893+97-98+55T
Morning StarYH 851DS18821893+98-98+61T
SwiftYH 544DS18921893+98-98+79T
Onward SYH388DS18691893-90+94+58T
ButterflyLO279DSBideford 18781894-189458T. An unlucky ship:several collisions and men lost
Harvest MoonYH 541DSBurton Strather 18861894?98+O/N 92812 87T ex GY 1080, went to Yarmouth July 1894
James SmithYH 538DSBurton Strather 18861894?1897O/N 93922 87T ex GY 61, went to Yarmouth July 94. Lost all hands 1897.
Knight of the GarterYH 536DS18861894?98+O/N 93887 87T ex GY 1114, went to Yarmouth July 1894
NightingaleYH 591DSBrixham 18861894?98+O/N 94041 ex GY 71, went to Yarmouth Nov 1894
Nil DesperandumYH 601DSBrixham 18861894?98+O/N 93919 84T ex GY 52, went to Yarmouth Nov 1894
Queen VictoriaYH 603DSNeuhof 18851894?98+O/N 92794 64T. ex GY 1060, went to Yarmouth Dec 1894
Silver ThreadYH 608DSGermany 18861894?98+O/N 92822 79T. ex GY 1093, went to Yarmouth Dec 1894
TheodoraYH 592DSElmshorn 18861894?98+O/N 93925 84T. ex GY 54, went to Yarmouth Nov 94
Wild RoseYH 606DSNeuhof 18861894?98+O/N 92818 76T. ex GY 1086, went to Yarmouth Nov 1894
NelsonYH 258DS18801894+98-98+74T
SpitfireYH 526DS18811895+1898+79T
AgenoriaYH 53DSGrimsby 1877189698+O/n 76678 71T ex GIC as GY 596
AgraYH 54DSGrimsby 1877189698+O/N 76688 78T ex GIC as GY 608
AlphaYH49DSGrimsby 1876189698+O/N 73241 73T ex GIC as GY 569
AngliaYH 195DSDartmouth 1877189698+O/N 75370 80T ex Boston trawler, ex GIC as GY 182
Annie WilliamsonYH 61DSPlymouth 1875189698+O/N 73211 76T ex GIC as GY 514
AtalantaYH 207DSDartmouth 1875189696+O/N 73146 78T ex GIC as GY 171
BalaclavaYH 110DSBrixham 188018961898+O/N 79600 75T ex GIC as GY 774
Beatrice ForesterYH 126DSBrixham 188618961898+O/N 93921 84T ex GIC as GY 59
BeaverYH 107DSDartmouth 1878189696+O/N 79017 79T ex GIC as GY 814, also ex Hull
Ben DeargYH 175DSDartmouth 187918961899+O/N 73431 80T ex GIC as GY 1010
Ben LediYH 183DSDartmouth 187918961898+O/N 73435 76T ex GIC as GY 1011
BlancheYH 34DSElmshorn 186818961896+O/N 65843 78T ex GIC as GY 338 ex German trawler “Oder”
BonitaYH 145DSNewhaven 188218961896+O/N 86418 73T ex GIC as GY 849
BonitoYH 150DSBeverley 188518961897+ex Hull, ex GIC as GY 462
C & M SlaterYH111DSRye 188718961896+O/N 94073 86T ex GIC as GY 135
CaledoniaYH 205DSDartmouth 1876189697+O/N 75326 77T ex Boston trawler, ex GIC as GY 181
Chas H. SpurgeonYH 170DSGrimsby 188418961898+93T. ex GIC as GY 965
Colin RodgerYH 72DSDartmouth 1873189698+O/N 67719 69T ex GIC as GY 432
CossackYH 98DSElmshorn 1877189698+78T ex GIC as GY 666
CrusaderYH 197DSRye 1876189698+O/N 73181 75T ex Boston trawler, ex GIC as GY 176
DaisyYH 93DSGermany 1878189698+73T ex GIC as GY 721
DoncasterYH 81DSGrimsby 1872189696+O/N 67670 69T ex GIC as GY 370
Edward HeneageYH96DSElmshorn 1877189698+O/N 79069 78T ex GIC as GY 677
El DoradoYH 226DSGrimsby 188618961897+O/N 93897 85T ex GIC as GY 3
Empress of IndiaYH 169DSGrimsby 188418961898+O/N 90358 80T ex GIC as GY 947
EnchanterYH 79DSBrixham 1872189698+69T ex GIC as GY 380
EnchantressYH 28DSBrixham 187118961898+O/N 63146 69T ex GIC as GY 295
ExertionYH 108DSGrimsby 1880189698+O/N 83527 76T ex GIC as GY 785
FortunateYH 167DSGermany 188418961898+O/N 90354 77T ex GIC as GY 942
FoxYH 134DSGrimsby 188118961898+O/N 83541 76T ex GIC as GY 800
FrancisYH 148DSRostock 188518961898+ex Hull, ex GIC as GY 497
FreedomYH 83DSGrimsby 1875189698+69T ex GIC as GY 511
Friends GoodwillYH 146DSRye 188118961896+O/N 83562 71T ex GIC as GY 826
G.I.C.YH 193DSGrimsby 1888189698+O/N 94083 85T ex GIC as GY157
General Gordon YH 185DSGrimsby 188518961900+O/N 91518 90T ex GIC as GY 1012
George StevensonYH 137DSGrimsby 187918961898+O/N 79589 81T ex GIC as GY 762
George WashingtonYH 57DSGrimsby 1877189698+O/N 76709 57T ex GIC as GY 639
GleanerYH 41DSGrimsby 187118961898+O/N 65823 67T ex GIC as GY 340
Golden HopeYH 190DSGermany 188718961898+O/N 94065 84T ex GIC as GY 114
Gordon’s ChargeYH 188DSGrimsby 188718961899+O/N 94046 90T ex GIC as GY 79
GuideYH 86DSGrimsby 1877189698+O/N 78487 82T ex GIC as GY 656
HamburgYH 31DSHamburg 186718961898+O/N 65840 ex GIC as GY336
HarringtonYH 50DSGrimsby 1876189698+O/n 73246 72T ex GIC as GY 573
Hearty WelcomeYH 58DSBarton 1877189698+O/N 78335 76T Ex GIC as GY 644
HeroineYH 27DSGrimsby 186918961898+O/N 63112 59T Ex GIC as GY 261
HildaYH 772DSWhitby 1883189696+O/N 86640 72T. ex GIC as GY 248. Previously owned in 1886.Probably same boat as above
HumberYH 40DSElmshorn 186718961898+O/N 65816 ex GIC as GY 323
IoniaYH 82DSGrimsby 1872189698+O/N 67691 72T ex GIC as GY 9
John AbelYH 196DSBrixham 188518961899+O/N 91543 77T ex GIC as GY 1039
JonadabYH 89DSGermany 1878189698+O/N 79099 89T ex GIC as GY 703
JumnaYH62DSGrimsby 1875189698+O/N 73214 73T ex GIC as gy 527
LincolnYH 156DSGrimsby 188318961900+O/N 87778 79T ex GIC as GY 910
Little SamuelYH 87DSBrixham 1877189698+O/N 79072 77T ex ex GIC as GY 687
Little WaveYH125DSGrimsby 188618961901+O/N 92805 89T ex GIC as GY 1071
LivoniaYH 37DSBrixham 187118961896+O/N 65811 68T ex GIC as GY 316
Lord BeaconsfieldYH 101DSGrimsby 1878189698+O/N 79100 80T ex GIC as GY 719
Lord SalisburyYH 144DSBarton 187818961898+O/N 79559 77T ex GIC as GY 728
Martha SomervilleYH 187DSGrimsby 188518961898+O/N 91544 79T ex GIC as GY 1035
Nathan ChapmanYH 70DSGrimsby 1874189698+O/N 67747 69T ex GIC as GY 478
Queen of the FleetYH 66DSGrimsby 1875189698+O/N 67758 67T ex GIC as GY 498
RechabYH 103DSApenrabe 1878189698+O/N 79551 74T ex GIc as GY 704
Robin HoodYH 63DSGrimsby 1875189698+O/N 73212 71T ex GIC as GY 519
RoverYH 210DSRye 1875189696+O/N 73166 73T ex GIC as GY 177
SelinaYH 90DSBrixham 1878189698+O/N 79089 76T ex GIC as GY 706
Silver KingYH 225DSGrimsby 1886189697+O/N 93894 85T ex GIC as GY 1118
Sir W. ArmstrongYH139DSGrimsby 187918961898+O/N 79567 83T ex GIC as GY 738
StriverYH 99DSBarton 1878189698+O/N 79084 77T ex GIC as GY 701
Susie SpurgeonYH 131DSGalmpton 188518961898+O/N 92783 93T ex GIC as GY 1053
SuspiciousYH 64DSGrimsby 1875189698+O/N 73209 73T ex GIC as GY 512
Thomas & CharlotteYH 55DSElmshorn 1877189698+O/N 76692 92T ex GIC as GY 611
Three SistersYH 52DSGrimsby 1876189696+O/N 76669 72T ex GIC as GY 587
TornadoYH 47DSGrimsby 1871189698+O/N 65815 68T ex GIC as GY 322
TwilightYH 138DSGrimsby 187818961898+O/N 79564 77T ex GIC as GY 734
ValiantYH 25DSGrimsby 187118961896+O/N 65827 65T Ex GIC as GY 344
VentureYH75DSBrixham 1872189696+O/N 67662 68T ex GIC as GY 361
WaterlooYH 71DSSandwich 1872189697+O/N 67682 69T ex GIC asGY 385
WhimbrelYH 124DSGrimsby 188618961899+O/N 93915 89T ex GIC as GY 1071
Will DawnYH 74DSGrimsby 1872189697+O/N 67669 67T ex GIC as GY 369
WilliamYH 95DSGrimsby 1877189698+O/N 78500 74T ex GIC as GY 673
Young ElizaYH 84DS?189698+O/N 78498 72T ex GIC as GY 670
Young HerbertYH 121DSGrimsby 188618961899+O/N 93920 97T ex GIC as GY 50
Cormorant?SC?1896??ex GIC as GY 940
Cygnet???1896??ex GIC?
Flamingo?SC?1896??ex GIC as GY 1021
GannettGY939SC?1896?97+Ex GIC as GY 939
PelicanGY938SCHull 18841896?96+133.5 x 21.7 x 11, 141NT, 244GT, 70HP. Ex Grimsby Ice Co
KateYH 234DS18791897-94+1897+84T
DevonYH 409DS18751898-1898+76T
MercuryYTH 407DS18791898-1898+72T
Royalist (1)LO17STHull 189819291935111.7 by 21, 58 NHP, 183 GT. Scrapped 1935
Swan II LO47STHull 190219301949125 by 21.75, 70NHP originally Swan. (Swan II 1915)1940 rqd by RN as minesweeper, returned 1945 Scrapped 49
MeuseFD 107STHull 190419331935ex Cariama 119.75 by 21.5, 60 NHP 216GT.Scrapped 1935
LadyloveLO167STHull 190219341941ex Ophir 120′,220GT. Lost with all hands fishing Iceland (poss torp’d by U202 on 27/08/41
Star of MorayA 232DS1934-1934+Hewett fishing co Fleetwood 1934 Reg in Aberdeen. ???
DianaLO31STGovan 189919291937Scrapped 1937
NewlandLO95STSelby 190319401945130′, 235GT. Ex NAOS, renamed Newland 1935. Pd Ramster ?1000 for her.Sd during war to Hull Fish merchants ?10,000
PenguinLO97STAberdeen 190219331936112.4ft, GT 190 Scrapped 1936
BemptonLO192STBeverley 191419361943115.5 by 22.5 94NHP, 226GT. Scrapped 1958
FileyLO 189STBeverley 191419361943115.5 by 22.5, 94NHP, 226GT
Boy LeslieLO392DSGalmpton 19111935-1939Attended Spithead Review 1935 STS “Eckstrand”, Norway 1994-2000 Rebuilt and renamed Boy Leslie 2014
BridlingtonLO194STSelby 191319371954112′, 204GT. Scrapped 1956
JamaicaLO186STSelby 191419361959112′, 204GT. Smoke boat on D-Day 1944
TorontoLO196STSelby 191419371954112′, 204GT. Aft wheelhouse. Scrapped. Bell in Knott End Golf Club
JuncoLO200STGoole 191719371957110′,191GT. Saw war service 1940- 46 Scrapped 1957
EveshamLO187STSelby 191519361941116′,226GT. Requisitioned 1939. Sunk by enemy aircraft off Yarmouth
EvertonLO188STSelby 191519361949116′, 226GT. War service 1939-46. Scrapped
St JustLO434STBeverley 193019431961145′ by 24.6, 96 NHP, 377 GT.1938 lengthened to 158.2 ft, 394 GT. Scrapped
FrobisherLO15STBeverley 193019481957Built as Kopanes, 142.7 by 25.1, 99 NHP, 397GT. Lengthened 1939 to 158.7′, 409GT. Short Blue F.Co Scrapped
New PrinceLO471STBeverley 193019481959 Built as Leonidas 140.3 by 24.6, 99NHP, 369GT.Lengthened 1937 to151′, 390GT. Scrapped
Ella Hewett (1)LO47STBeverley 195319531962Blt new. 166.9 by 29.3, 925IHP, 13Kts 595GT. Wrecked Rathlin Island on HMS Drake 3/11/62. Wreck blown up 29/09/78 due to oil pollution
Samuel HewettLO117STBeverley 195619561968Blt new. 166.7 by 29.3′ 925IHP, 589GT. Scrapped
TervaniFD61STBeverley 193319561959154′,410GT. Ex Nubia,ex Lorenzo, exH530. Fern Leaf co Scrapped
DunnetLO204STSelby 19141956-1956112′, 204GT. Scrapped
RodenLO124STMiddlesborough 191219421956125′,256GT. Ex Swansea Castle. War service 42-46. Scrapped
EsherLO193STMiddlesborough 191419371952105′,226GT. Minesweeping duties 27/11/1939 – 06/02/1940 Scrapped Antwerp 1957
NelisFD119STSelby 192919551957140′,275GT. Fern Leaf Fishing Co. Scrapped
London TownLO70DTBeverley 196019601980Blt new 108′ by 23.1,484 BHP, 228GT.Sold 1980, scrapped 1992
BridesmaidLO231STMiddlesborough 191319421959125′, 255GT. Ex Amroth Castle. Stranded and refloated 1948. Scrapped
Royalist (2)LO90STSelby 191219351960120′, 214GT. Ex Alnmouth. Scrapped
Robert Hewett (2)LO65DTBeverley 196119611979Blt new. 164′, 567GT. Sd to Colne Fishing for conv to ORSV as St Luke.Veesea Merlin 1999. Scrapped 2003
Robert Hewett (1)LO427STSelby 193019461960150′, 379GT. Built as Beachflower.HMS Lilac 1935 – 1944. Scrapped Preston
Royalist (3)LO50DTBeverley 196219621981Blt new.108′, 484BHP,228GT. Still fishing 1999
SpurnellaH414STMiddlesborough 193719591962175′, 458GT. Bows blown off at Tobruk. Scrapped
Ella Hewett (2)LO94DTBeverley 196419641978Blt new. 164′, 567GT. Sold to Colne Fishing for conv to ORSV as St Kitts, scrapped 2003
KennedyFD139DTGoole 195719691972+139′ by 28 by 12, 426GT, 1000 hp. Ex Boston Britannia
SSAFAFD155DTGoole 195819711975139′ by 28 by 12 ,1000hp 426GT. Sold to Lowestoft, scrapped 1987
Admiral HawkeA320DTAberdeen 19611971+1977+106 by24 by 11′, 225GT 670hp.
Garnet?????Smack same name (probably same boat)
NotusLO71STHull 187818931903Built as a sailing vessel
TekouraLO 14STSelby 193019431948ON 161352 , 335GT, 135ft, 99HP
GrosbeakLO249STGoole 191019391945Great Northern Fishing Co Ltd
TanagerLO250STGoole 191019391945R.H. Trawlers Ltd
Mary And ElizabethLO55CUIpswich 18521884-1884+none

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